Audio Partnership in the environment

We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and even more importantly, our responsibility to anyone involved in the production and distribution of our products. Our approach to business is open and honest and we like to share our expectations with all prospective business partners.

Our ecological commitment at a glance...
  • ✓ We were one of the first entertainment equipment manufacturers to pioneer low energy standby circuits to massively reduce the overall energy our products consume
  • ✓ Opus Technologies was the world's first smarthome brand to consume less than 1 Watt of power in standby
  • ✓ We positively encourage colleagues to cycle to work by offering access to a subsided cycle purchase scheme and by providing free, secure cycle parking and shower facilities
  • ✓ Our head office is fitted with low energy lighting, high efficiency hand driers and filled with natural plants to improve air quality
  • ✓ We make recycling easy by providing a range of facilities for our colleagues - paper, plastics, batteries etc. We reuse packaging where possible and forbid the use of disposable cups, plates etc